Replace your swimming pool drain cover with the best safest solution!

The BeeSafe Systems Model 1 Large Unblockable drain is a High Flow Safety Drain System to retrofit over existing pool drains


High flow rate - 1100 gpm. Lifetime 15 years lid only.

Designed as an ideal retrofit for:

• Large Existing Drain Openings
• Square or Rectangular Drains
• Any Size or Shape of Drain up to 36" some even larger
• Pools built without a sump - Pipe size up to eight (8) inches
• Pools with any size of sump
• Large Volume Pools
• Kiddie Pools – Wading Pools
• Special Water Feature Pools
• Any Pool with flow rates up to 1100 gpm (or test rated at 2.26 fps)

Just by looking at the design & size of our product you know it will work!

The patented design of the BeeSafe System specifically addresses all entrapment hazards. Each of the 156 tubes acts as a self regulating hydraulic switch.

• Body Entrapment -
The size of the system, and the self regulating hydraulic switch mechanism of the tubes makes body entrapment nearly impossible. Flow Testing for body entrapment exceeded 6,000 gallons per minute, so even several bodies on the surface at the same time would not likely become entrapped. The outer 6 inches that encompasses the openings is sloped so bodies will likely slide off.

• Hair Entrapment -
Flow Testing found that hair will most likely mat at the surface. If hair does enter the tubes it will follow a pattern of laminar flow until exiting into the sump or drain line. The tubes are a full 12 inches long to prevent hair entanglement. Even hair longer than the tubes will not likely entangle because of the laminar flow.

• Finger & Limb Entrapment -
The tubes are small in diameter to prevent fingers and toes from entering. The system is permanently installed so limbs will not reach the suction piping. The lid of the system & fasteners needs to be replaced every 7 years

• Mechanical Entrapment -
The small size diameter and long length of the tubes combine to avoid mechanical entrapment, such as clothing a chain or other jewelry items.

• Evisceration -
The unique design acts to prevents suction when a body sits on the surface

The BeeSafe System Large Unblockable Drain is a retrofit cover to be installed over existing swimming and wading pool drains. It was invented & designed by a Health Inspector to solve the suction entrapment problem by addressing all hazards associated with conventional drain systems. It will eliminate hair entanglement, child evisceration, limb & mechanical entrapment as well as body entrapment. Additionally, the design and construction provides a more effective solution against broken and/or missing drain covers and vandalism. The System was designed to meet ASME A112.19.8-2007 standard for suction entrapment avoidance set by ANSI.

The BeeSafe System Large Unblockable Drain will equal or exceed the material strength of its competitors and will handle a flow rate up to 1100 gpm (486 at 1.0 fps, or 729 at 1.5 fps). As well the system will work with all existing standard sizes & shapes of main drains available in the United States.

The unique design and size of the BeeSafe System Large Unblockable Drain offers swimming pool owners & operators an alternative to installing dual main drains or as an effective additional layer of protection with dual main drains, SVRS devices or other compliant alternative. The system has the ability to be used effectively with or with out a sump.

certification can be found at SP-6044 BEESAFE SYSTEMS Suction Fittings.

We are included in the L.A. County Approved Pool Equipment List.

Consumer Product Safety Commission listing of compliant products.

Can be installed underwater. Contact us for underwater installation information

The BeeSafe System Large Unblockable Drain - Simply Is A Better Answer To Suction Entrapment!